Lucretius of Jerbiton

A handsome magus with a strong personality and an eloquent manner.



Int +2
Per 0
Str 0
Sta +1
Prs +3
Com +1
Dex 0
Qik -1


Cautious Sorcerer
Gentle Gift
Improved Characteristics
Privileged Upbringing
Temporal Influence


Driven (Minor)
Higher Purpose (Minor)
Weak Enchanter


XP Ability Specialty Score
Animal Handling Horses 1
Area Lore: Freiburg Politics 1
Area Lore: Schwarzwald Geography 1
Artes Liberales Ritual Magic 1
Athletics Grace 1
Awareness Alertness 1
Bargain Construction Materials 1
Carouse Staying Sober 2
Charm Witty 2
Civil and Canon Law Germanic 1
Code of Hermes Political Intrigue 1
Concentration Reading 1
Dead Language: Latin Hermetic 5
Etiquette Court 2
Faerie Lore Faerie Forests 1
Folk Ken Townsfolk 2
Guile Fast Talk 1
Hunt Tracking 2
Intrigue Alliances 2
Leadership Inspiration 1
Living Language: German 5
Living Language: Greek 2
Magic Lore Magical Traditions 1
Magic Theory Inventing Spells 3
Music Hackbrett 1
1 Organization Lore: Order of Hermes Politics 1
2 Parma Magica Mentem 1
Philosophiae Ritual Magic 1
Ride Tricks 1
2 Survival Forest 0
Swim Diving 1
1 Teaching Magi 0

Personality Traits

Trait Score
Cultured +2
Curious +1
Gregarious +1

Magical Arts

XP Technique Score
Creo 4
Intellego 4
Muto 4
Perdo 4
Rego 4
XP Form Score
Animal 3
Aquam 3
Auram 3
Corpus 3
Herbam 3
Ignem 3
Imaginem 3
Mentem 3
Terram 3
Vim 4

Formulaic Spells

XP Spell Technique and Form Level Mastery
Aegis of the Hearth ReVi 15
Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 10
Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAu 5
Cloak of the Duck’s Feathers ReAq 5
Comfort of the Drenched Traveler PeAq 5
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn 15
Intuition of the Forest InHe 10
Lamp Without Flame CrIg 15
Scales of the Magical Weight InVi 5
1 Sense the Nature of Vis InVi 5
The Call to Slumber ReMe 10
Touch of the Pearls InAq 5
Ward Against Rain ReAu 10
Wizard’s Sidestep ReIm 10

Lucretius was originally Reinhard Weiß, second son of the wealthy Weiß family of Freiburg. As the child of a privileged family of architects and masons, he enjoyed a broad education in his youth and the opportunity to study arts and letters.
Like many magi, Reinhard was intelligent and precocious, though he did not seem surrounded by the usual suspicious and supernatural events that often ostracise magi during their youth. His talent, rather, was sensed by one of the magi of the Rhine Tribunal, who was on obscure business in Freiburg and had the good fortune to recognize the Gift in Reinhard. The magus was able to secure a place for Reinhard in the Order, though not without significant haggling, and Reinhard was left with some time to remain with his family so that they could settle their affairs with him, unlike many magi who are foisted all too happily from their common parents onto the care of the Order. Thus, it was not until age 10 that Reinhard left for Valnastium to begin his training.
During his 15 years of apprenticeship, Reinhard proved to be quite a generalist magus. He learned a smattering of each of the Arts, showing no clear preference or mastery for any. Due to his youthful training in academia, music, and arts, Reinhard already had experience with Latin and a mind keyed to careful practice and procedure, which served him well in his spellcasting. He also continued to correspond with his family by the occasional letter, about once per year, in order to retain some connection with them.
Upon completing his training at Valnastium, Lucretius chose (somewhat controversially) to return to Freiburg im Breisgau. He came to believe that the politics of Valnastium were so rigid that he would be unable to make a place for himself there, especially because he would always be overshadowed by his parens and because he had few local connections other than those he had made as an apprentice. In Freiburg, he could rely upon the aid of his wealthy family, and also escape the pervasive influence of other Jerbiton, thereby making a new start.
Under this idea, Lucretius traveled back to Germany, there to meet with other magi with whom he had corresponded after the last great Tribunal. Together they made a pact to form a freehold in the southern parts of the Black Forest, with the hope of eventually becoming recognized as a covenant of the Rhine Tribunal. Though Lucretius knew that this would be a mighty undertaking, he was by this time determined to make his mark upon the Order, and to do so by forging a new political alliance to help support and advance his (somewhat radical) views on the role of magi in the world.

Lucretius of Jerbiton

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