Brun of Bjornaer

A large, hairy, surly, musky-smelling man. Also a magus of House Bjorner.





  • Animal Ken
  • The Gift
  • Gild-Trained (Hawthorn)
  • Heartbeast
  • Hermetic Magus
  • Inoffensive to Animals
  • Ways of the Land (Forest)
  • Wilderness Sense
  • Unbound Tongue
  • Hermetic Prestiage (Prima)


  • Feral Scent
  • Fury (Major)
  • Gild-Emnity (Apple)
  • Motion Sickness
  • Reclusive
  • Social Handicap (Naturalist)
  • Weakness (helpless animals)



Personality Traits


Magical Arts


Formulaic Spells

XPSpellTechnique and FormLevelMastery

Bruno never had much use for other people. Growing up with his father in the harsh wilderness of the Black Forest, Bruno had everything he ever wanted: food he could hunt or forage, the beauty of a lush wilderness, and the companionship of his animal friends.

Things became harder when his father died. While he had an intuitive understanding of the ways of the wild, he was still a young boy living in a harsh and unrelenting wilderness. That winter he found himself slowly dying of starvation and exposure – his only consolation being that he might soon see his father once again.

That is when The Great Bear came to him, as if in a dream, shambling out of the whirling snows. It let loose a fierce growl that reverberated in Bruno’s ears despite the howling winds, then turned and walked off into the forest. Barely able to move from hunger and frozen limbs, Bruno followed the bear stiffly, staving off the cold embrace of death for at least a while longer.

Bruno followed the bear to a cave he hadn’t seen before, and he knew every nook and cranny of the woods. Inside the cave was a warm glow and Bruno quickly entered, drawn by the life-giving warmth. With a grinding of stone, Bruno panicked when he realized the cave mouth was closing in behind him, trapping him inside the cave. Trapped in the cave, he flailed against the stone until the last of his strength left him and he collapsed into a deep sleep.

In his sleep he dreamed of many things. How dreamed of the endless snows covering all he ever knew in a blanket of white. He dreamed of The Great Bear watching over him. He dreamed of a large hairy man wrapping him in furs and feeding him hot food. He dreamed the earth and the forest whispered secrets to him, telling him how they needed him to protect them. And when he finally woke, the cave had opened and it was Spring.

Bruno left the cave and he knew what he had to do. Listening to the forest and guided by the Great Bear, he found his way to where the man from the cave was waiting for him. Together they journeyed to a great Covenant where Bruno learned the ways of the Bjornaer Mysteries so that he could indeed protect the forest as it had asked.

Brun of Bjornaer

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