The Saga of Ursa Irratus

A.D. 1220, Autumn

Lucretius leads an expedition to Freiburg to gather supplies for the coming Winter. Most importantly, he seeks to make contact with a Redcap or other magus with whom he can trade for Vim vis, desperately needed to establish an Aegis of the Hearth and so spare the Covenfolk and Grogs from the fear-inducing powers of their faerie neighbors. Reaching Frieburg requires an 8 mile hike through the heart of the Black Forest to the monestary of St. Margen.

Along the way, the Troupe was confronted by a Bockman which frightened half of the Troupe into running off in a panic. The group’s archer brought down the bockman with a single shot as it tried to flee. One of the grogs was attacked by a giant spider but was able to hold his own until help arrived. Once the Troupe was rounded up again, Brun was able to harvest vis from both the spider and the Bockman.

Lucretius, Typha and their grogs reached Saint Margen. They found the monks to be under a vow of silence but Abbot James welcomed the troupe, minus Typha who doesn’t get along well with the Dominion, for a meal and services. They also learned that the monks were skilled brewers and they acquired a few kegs upon their departure.

Arriving at Freiburg, the Troupe split up with Lucretius returning to his family’s home to re-establish relations while Typha undertook shopping for supplies and was surprisingly successful. While out and about, Typha and company encountered Tholin of Jerbiton who was able to trade them for the Vim vis needed to cast the Aegis of the Hearth spell for the Covenant. The Troupe was able to return home with the needed supplies. It seemed the denizens of the forest were cowed by the violence committed on the trip to Freiburg.

Using the vis gained, Lucretius was able to lead a successful casting of Aegis of the Hearth. Strong enough to dampen the aura of unease which has washed over the nascent covenant since its inception. For the first time in months, the residents could sleep soundly. Newly provisioned and staffed, the Troupe settles in for the comming Winter.


Good summary!

A.D. 1220, Autumn
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